Exterminate 90% of the Earth’s Population – Global Elite Plans


The world elite has created a plan to exterminate 90% of the planet’s population.

This elite believes that this plan has a noble goal, namely the salvation of the human species.

Overpopulation of our planet could lead to an unexpected ecological disaster and the world elite believes that massacring 90% of the planet’s population would make the Earth a better place.

The elite plan works better if these two situations occur:

1. Computerization of the administration of global governments and corporations and robotization of all industries.

2. All jobs will be taken over by robots, and governments will be forced to pay aid to millions of unemployed.

The plan can also be helped by the financial situation of all the countries on this planet who will continue to borrow money. This money will never be refunded.

When they have no choice, governments will begin to exterminate the population to avoid generalized chaos.

Extermination could be done very easily through a worldwide pandemic with a very lethal and contagious virus.

The world elite could hide in those tens of thousands of ultra-luxurious bunkers that have been built in recent years.

Before a lethal virus is released into the atmosphere, the elite prepares the ground for a world pandemic to occur. They need to weaken our immune system.

1. Contamination of water, soil, and food.

2. Some of the vaccines and toxic medicine

3. Propaganda against vitamins that help us lift our immunity (D, zinc, selenium)

4. Propaganda about contraception

5. They started to produce toxic food.

6. Governments will collapse due to colossal debt.

What is your opinion about this diabolical plan of the world’s elite?



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