Hilarious Trash Can Diesel Exhaust Tip!


If you are the type of guy who is constantly looking for better and inexpensive ways to make your car look much better and way more furious, than this video is the one for you.

Having come across various different tutorials and ideas, you might guess that nothing can surprise you hence you have seen just about everything. But, we assure you that there is still much more to discover and to see. Hereby, in this video we might just be looking at what could possibly be the world`s largest exhaust tip.

Hilarious Trash Can Diesel Exhaust Tip 1

Yes, if you thought that exhaust tips simply cannot get any bigger, you were most certainly wrong. This DIY tutorial shows you the way to do it, and who knows; maybe you should try it out yourself. No matter how shocking and unbelievable it might sound, but all you are going to need is a stainless steel trash can and something to cut a hole in it.

Simply take off the cap and make a hole at the bottom of the trash can that is going to fit snugly in your exhaust tip. Next, take it and secure it in place to your car and in just matter of minutes, your makeshift large exhaust tip is done. Luckily we get the chance to see this bad boy in action. To be honest, this DIY exhaust tip actually does sound pretty loud.

What do you think based on what you have seen so far, could this be the largest exhausttip ever?


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