Incredible Bale Handling Machines Will Daze & Impress You!


Nobody likes doing field work that could be automated, and for some time now we have had bale handling machines that took care of the whole baling process.

In this video we see some of these machines, and they seem to be even more impressive when you see them in action! For example, there is a truck that can carry a lot of bales of hay, and when I say a lot, I mean hundreds! Also, there is a tractor that automatically collects bales of hay and organizes them neatly in a carriage in the back. Another tractor has exactly the same system, but for gigantic bales that can`t be picked up by hand! Just goes to show what we can do when we set our minds to it.

Incredible Bale Handling Machines 2

The bale handling wonders don`t stop there — one guy even decided to overload his truck and the truck`s trailer with as many bales of hay as he could find, and the thing looks beastly, loaded with practically thousands of bales! Yet another machine on a tractor picks up round bales of hay and carries them with its curved pick-up fork! Then, it packages the bale with some linen and puts it back down for safe storing or towing.

When you get there, just cut off the linen and you`re ready to go, without any mess – it`ll even distribute evenly! Another guy with an Auto Stack machine shows us how he`s able to stack thousands of cubic feet of bales with just one machine and in a relatively short time. Ahh, the wonders of bale handling!

Finally, this tractor will help every agriculturer for his job!


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