Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting, Prompting Fears of a Coming Global Chaos


Crap is about to hit the fan, magnetic pole shift, climate change, Yellowstone magma, and crustal displacement – possibly coming soon.

So apparently once every few thousand years neutral matter escapes from the 860-mile radius inner core into the 1300-mile thick molten outer core and there is a literal atomic explosion inside the earth. The explosion in the high energy layer and magnetic structure in both the outer core and the outer 60-mile thick molten layer.

The quote is from page 21 from the CIA document below.

This document was declassified by the CIA in 2013 and describes mass earth destruction, however, many pages were missing.

Very good read…

The Earth’s north magnetic pole has been moving from its old location in Northern Canada towards Siberia. And there is a growing concern among scientists that the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field could cause its north and south poles to flip. And that could lead to global chaos. Source:…

Also, watch this video series about the CIA document to understand what is going on:



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