Cyclops, myth or marginalized Nephilim?


Cyclops, myth or marginalized Nephilim? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Cyclops are figures of Greek mythology, gods giant with one eye. The name derives from the Greek “κυκλος” (circle) and “ωψ” (eye). 

Some historical truth about the existence of a population or tribe by the name of “Cyclops” is given to us by Thucydides in Book VI of his stories is about when talking about the existing barbarians in Sicily before the Greek colonization. 

Cyclopean is actually a form of holoprosencephaly, a disease in which the brain has only one, that is not distinct in the two hemispheres.

The disease may present with varying degrees of severity, including the form that can be considered “complete” it said exactly Cyclopean. According to another hypothesis, the legend of the Cyclops could be born because of some fossils of dwarf elephants, lived in Sicily at the time of the Paleolithic.

The peculiarity of their skulls is to have a big hole in the middle, which is none other than the elephant nose hole.  

These fossil remains could then be traded for gigantic men with one eye and in fact even the philosopher Empedocles says that “in many Sicilian caves were discovered fossils of a race of giant men disappeared today.”

The most reliable hypothesis remains today one according to which the Cyclops, ancient smiths, were actually of craftsmen who emigrated from the east to the Aeolian islands where they found traces of metalworking during fancies Diana.

The archaeological findings may well confirm the myth that they were waiting for residents of these Islands.

The presence of only one eye might be a tradition linked to the custom of covering the left eye with a bandage to protect it from sparks or a hypothetical tattoo on the forehead representing the Sun, be that these ancient artisans could probably be devotees. 

In my point of view, however, these Cyclops were Nephilim inmates by the most powerful, because they had this physical deformity, in fact were always depicted inmates in remote islands of the planet, much like it does now alas in the human race, the different … somehow it is expelled from society.

Cyclops, myth or marginalized Nephilim? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


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Cyclops, myth or marginalized Nephilim? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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