Bizarre footage showing ‘fleet of UFOs passing moon’ labelled best evidence of the YEAR


The clip – taken from the ground in the Russian capital of Moscow – shows the moon in an orange haze.

As the cameraman zooms in, a collection of black objects can be seen slowly moving across the star.

At certain points the dots move towards each other before separating again.

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He wrote that he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.

“They are not near the moon because there is no shadow,” he added.

“They are between the Earth and the moon, but not far from the moon.

“Their sizes are not small.”

It has since been reposted by renowned conspiracy theorist site The Hidden Underbelly, who labelled the objects a “fleet of UFOs”.

Viewers have flocked to air their thoughts, with many unable to debunk the footage.

UFOs over the moon

MYSTERY: Several black objects were filmed passing over the moon (Pic: YOUTUBE)

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“Definitely the best evidence of the year,” one wrote.

“Curious to see how they will debunk this video. Awesome footage buddy.”

Another worried viewer added: “This isn’t good.

“There are loads of them nearly covering the moon and these objects are huge in size.”

A third suggested they could be satellites, but a fourth disagreed and said: “Those are alien ships.”



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