NASA image shows the remains of a petrified tree on Mars


In many ways, Mars is the most Earth-like planet yet. With a past history of abundant water, erosions, volcanoes, clouds, polar caps, dunes and dry rivers, there is undoubtedly a whole geological history very similar to our own planet.

With only half the diameter and a small percentage of Earth’s mass, Mars suffered a very, very different destiny from Earth. While our planet, the oceans prospered just like life, the red planet became cold, dry and desolate. Or that’s what scientists have explained to us.(remains of a petrified tree on Mars)

Thanks to the Internet we have countless evidence that there was or is life on Mars . In images sent by the different rovers on Martian soil appear strange objects that could belong to intelligent life forms. And in others you can see mysterious structures and even the remains of life. This has been the case for a new NASA image, which appears to show the remains of a petrified tree on Mars.

The petrified tree of Mars

Experts on Mars anomalies claim to have found evidence that the red planet may have had lush green vegetation . In one of the recent NASA images you can see the petrified remains of a tree on the red planet . The image was sent by the rover Curiosity while exploring an area identified as “Sun 164” , and for some it clearly shows the remains of an ancient tree about one meter high, very similar to those here on Earth.

The discovery was posted on YouTube by  Paranormal Crucible on April 20, 2017, but NASA posted the image in March.

“Intriguing object found by the Curiosity rover, this time the possible remains of a tree” , says the description of the video. “This object is definitely out of place and in my opinion could be the petrified remains of a Martian tree. The strange object is about one meter high, and with the many discoveries of plant and animal life on Mars, it would be logical to assume that it is a variety of tree that still exists on this enigmatic planet

remains of a petrified tree on Mars

remains of a petrified tree on Mars.

The US space agency detailed that the image was taken by the Mastcam installed in the rover Curiosity , that at that moment was in “Sun 164” . Although skeptics believe that it is just one of the many rocks found on the red planet, conspiracy theorists claim that it is evidence that there was life at some point. Apparently, Mars was similar to Earth when a solar explosion impacted the planet, stripping it of the atmosphere and the oceans.(remains of a petrified tree on Mars)

“Paranormal Crucible hypothesizes that this could be the petrified remains of an ancient tree on Mars,” writes popular ufologist Scott C. Waring in his UFO Sightings Daily blog . “It’s a good guess since NASA itself said that Mars was like Earth when a solar explosion struck the planet, eliminating the atmosphere and oceans from its surface.”

Waring also made reference to the discovery that Mars could harbor subterranean lakes on Mars . For the popular ufologist if there are lakes and rivers on Mars, then it means there are fish and aquatic creatures. This is because water is the main source of the existence of animals, as well as some smaller life forms. However, despite the evidence, NASA says it has not found significant levels of liquid water on the red planet. Again we have another controversial image of NASA that has unleashed all kinds of comments on social networks. However, the controversy would be over quickly if NASA directed the rover to the object in question to examine them.

remains of a petrified tree on Mars

remains of a petrified tree on Mars

Then there are two possibilities, that the American space agency is interested in this type of controversy or that may want to hide the truth, that there were on Mars or there are extraterrestrial life forms. Although we can not rule out the possibility that the US space agency is deceiving us, and that Mars is actually some undetermined point on our planet, such as Devon Island in Nunavut, Canada. Who knows.



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