Beings on Mars? Seems that way… check out these images


Started watching this guys videos.. he calls himself the real Jimmy Roberts (maybe someone was impersonating him haha)..

Anyway.. whilst some of his stuff is far reaching.. I think he’s on the money when he says the following:

Mars is littered with debris, wreckage, from a past cataclysm.

NASA do not and never will give us the real raw tiff images, everything is recoloured, doctored, blurred to hide what’s going on.

Though not all. this is done on purpose imho.

There are a few techniques (and I don’t profess to know them all) but I took a few screen dumps of one of his mars videos and yeah it sure seems like there are entities watching the rover.

We have 3 beings on jet bike like devices and one very angry nasty looking alien looking straight at the rover.. Yeah why not.. Pareidolia?

NO! And I wasn’t even looking for this stuff, but it’s worth a look either way.

TBH I’ve never seen anything this ‘good’ ever when it comes to beings on Mars (or the moon) that matter.

This image is on the nasa rover site too. See the being on the jet bike thing? You can see it’s hovering, it’s even casting a shadow! It’s come up right onto that ridge to take a look at what our rover is doing… maybe 3-5 miles out? It’s hard to tell.

Soil /m/02j71 Earth

Here’s a couple of closeups of it

Visual Effects Special

2 more on their ‘air bikes’.. Not sure about you, but I can see helmet, visor, black suit, arm, leg,

knee, boot etc. Sitting on something.. air bike.. ‘just do it‘.

Atmosphere Of Earth

Angry demon alien? yeah why not. I’d be pissed too if some rover trespassed on my land.

Pc Game Mode Of Transport Ecosystem



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