How can we feed a million people on Mars


If we want to colonize Mars, you have to find a way to eat there, and continued sending food to the Red Planet is not a sustainable plan. 

But now researchers think they have found a way to produce enough food to Mars in order to feed a million people.

 They say that the implementation of the plan for the independence of the colonizers could take hundreds of years. 

Researchers from the University of Central Florida in the recently published article pointed out the details on the model they created, and that takes into account the potential increase of the population of Mars, including the moving of people on the planet and the birth of new residents there, and expected needs calories for the colonialists. 

The model is devoted to how the colonists could use the soil of Mars and what foods might produce there. 

Based on the research team found that could establish a system capable of feeding a million settlers a century – until they okay to feed mostly on plants, insects and food created from cells grown in petri dishes. 


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