Soon we’ll discover extraterrestrial life, but the world is not yet ready for it


They are preparing something big. In less than two years might discover
extraterrestrial life, but the world is not yet ready for it – said Jim Ginn, one of the scientists at NASA. 

In March 2021 the Mars rover will land “Eksomars” dedicated to the British chemist Rosalinda Franklin. The rover will require
extraterrestrial life and organic substances, and its goal will be rocky formations in the core of the planet.

 This progress will open up questions of whether people can move between planets and what would be the next life, and the first material from Mars would be made of our planet. 

Scientists want to find minerals that are created only if the planet has life, and consider first finding some ocean on Mars.


When the environment becomes extreme, life moves into the rocks – says Green. 

Earlier this year, scientists discovered the first geological evidence on the composition of the water reservoir deep below the surface of Mars. 

The survey satellite “Mars Express” revealed the extent of former underground lakes based on the characteristics of the bottom of the deep craters. –

Mars was once a water world, but as it changed the climate of the planet, water is entailed under the surface to form pools and “groundwater” – said Francesco Salle University in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

Numerous features are visible at the bottom of the crater at a depth of 4,000 to 4,500 meters indicate that there was water, with evidence of pools and streams that have changed over time.


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