The dark side of the moon from the ….


Earlier this month China do something amazing with the first successful landing smoothly on the dark side of the moon.

 Thanks to this, today we have the opportunity to see an amazing view of this for us invisible part of our satellite.

Погледнете ја темната страна на месечината од неверојатната панорама на кинескиот приземјувач

The mission consists of two robota – prizemjuvachot Chang’e 4 and rover Yutu 2.

Since their arrival on January 2nd, the two robots exploring the lunar surface in the crater External drive, which has a whopping 186 kilometers. 

The panorama was taken by Chang’e 4 and on the left side you can see the rover along with the traces left behind, and you can view it at full resolution here. 

Although Rover has the freedom to explore, soon after arriving was excluded in order to avoid heating due to the long lunar day. 

According to the Chinese Academy of Science, the temperature here can reach 100 degrees Celsius.

The surface of the moon days and nights last roughly 14 days of Earth and robots landed on its surface just after sunset in the crater. 

Chinese media reported that on January 10th the rover was successfully turned on, unlike his predecessor, rover Yutu which was sent in 2013. 

The panorama also see the edges of several scientific instruments are on grounder.

 According to China Space Administration, some instruments have been put into use. 

They begin to collect data on the dark side of the moon in the next few weeks should send their report. 

The information on this side of the moon can be directly sent to Earth.

 Instead, they are sent to the satellite called Queqiao that is placed in a location from which to communicate with Earth.


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