Your next smartphone screen could be BULLETPROOF


Transparent metal ‘clay’ was developed by the US military scientists could lead to a new super-heavy screens and monitors. 

The material, made of magnesium and aluminum-based mineral called spinel, is far tougher and lighter than bulletproof glass. 

And researchers say that it may be used to protect vehicles and cabins of aircraft, and in spacecraft and satellites.

A transparent metallic 'clay' has been developed by US military scientists that could lead to new super tough screens and displays. The material, made from a magnesium and aluminium-based mineral called spinel, is far tougher and lighter than bulletproof glass and can be modelled into different shapes (dome pictured)

Some have compared the material to be transparent aluminum used to create windows of spaceships in the hit TV series Star Trek.

But scientists say it can also be used to create a scratchproof lenses for cameras and smart phones whose screens are not cut when it fell.

They say transparent armour may further find use in military lasers and infrared equipment. 

The material, that has taken more than ten years to develop, was created by pressing nanopowder together while heating it to create a clean piece spinel crystal.

This can then be modelled, similarly to traditional clay. 

Dr Jas Sanghera, who led the research at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, said material performs much better than bulletproof glass, which works by creating layers of plastic and glass to five inches thick that slowly, over the bullet.

He said: “If you replaced that with spinel, will reduce weight by a factor of two or more.

‘ The crystal structure of glass means that after crack forms on the surface, we pass all the way through, and as a result, bulletproof glass may become impossible to see through.

Instead, windows made of spinel will not suffer the same problem. Dr. Sanghera said: “It’s like navigating an asteroid belt, you create a tortuous path.”

If I have all these crystals packed together, the crack gets deflected hard crystals. 

It instantly disappears crack energy. ‘

He added that spinal windows can help protect satellites and spacecraft to visit the harsh environments of other planets

. ‘It could leave these out there for a while, go into areas that are colder than they face now, and to allow more capabilities. “


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