A mysterious stairway appears over Florida


As for conspiracy theories, Blue Beam Project is one of the most popular.

 In 1994, Serge Monast, Canadian research writer and journalist, opened a four-step project designed by NASA and the United Nations, which will allow these organizations to create a secular religion, led by the Antichrist to start the New World order.

 NASA will implement Blue Beam Project advanced mind control system as well as top-secret technology to deceive everyone and make them believe he had and Second Coming of Christ on earth.

But first, the first step of the infamous project will include artificially created earthquakes in strategic locations around the world. 

The second step will be “gigantic space show.” 

During this phase, three-dimensional optical holograms, laser and holographic projections of images will be transmitted across the sky. 

What would these pictures include? 

Well, perhaps appear as one that occurred recently in Florida.

Mysterious rocks will appear during the Florida video that is posted on the Internet that shows a strange cloud formation left many Internet users do not feel quite confused. 

Apparently, the video was recorded on October 28 in Florida by a person named Gray Garcia, and later shared by the popular YouTube channel mavi 777.

Unfortunately, apart from that information, they do not offer more details. (Stairs will appear over Florida)


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