Bulgarian hikers capture clear photo of Giant, Gray Humanoid like Alien


In November 2016, a group of hikers in Bulgaria captured what appear to be a huge gray humanoid aliens standing inconspicuously in the dense forest.

Located between the mountains of Rila and rode up near Plovdiv Bulgaria,this forest is a popular hiking destination.

The group of hikers were moving through a heavily wooded area when one of the hikers noticed something up ahead.

Having an unobstructed view of the humanoid creature, presumably the other hikers had not yet noticed the creature or had obstructed views at this point,

he paused and snapped a picture of the creature which then slid behind the trees and quickly disappeared into the woods.

In the photo you can see what appears to be a giant grey alien.

A zoomed segment of the photo makes the entity all the more obvious,

the humanoid creature bears a striking resemblance to other giant aliens captured on video in both Australia and Argentina.



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